Do NOT buy Xtrasize! See why…..

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CAUTION! Don't buy Xtrasize tablets on auction portals, these are tablets of unknown origin and they can harm your health. Always buy the manufacturer's website!!

Xtrasize is a dietary supplement, thanks to which we can observe the enlargement of a member. Using these pills you can notice an increase in birth rate of up to 7.5 centimetres. It is a salvation for men who have complexes because of the length of their penis.

What is part of this supplement?

The Xtrasize composition is completely natural. Three main components can be mentioned: Tribulus Terrestris, a plant considered to be a strong aphrodisiac, which effectively increases the level of testosterone and also contributes to the release of nitric oxide from nerve endings located near cavernous bodies, thus strengthening erection; Maca, a natural drug that helps maintain balance in the body by regulating the level of enzymes and hormones, which in effect provides not only the following benefits

How does Xtrasize work?

Xtrasize improves blood flow in the body and increases the absorbency and efficiency of the cavernous body. The size of the penis depends on the efficiency of the cavernous body. Thanks to these tablets, when your penis chambers expand, the tissues swell to a much higher volume than before the preparation. As a result, the length and thickness of the penis and the strength of the erection itself are increased.

What is the recommended dosage of this product?

It is recommended to take one tablet per day, preferably after the first breakfast. This way, one package lasts for two months, which may result in a penis gain of up to 2 cm.

Does the use of these tablets have any side effects?

The use of these pills is completely safe for health and does not cause any undesirable side effects.

What is the price of Xtrasize?

A single package costs 159 PLN. However, it is much cheaper to buy a larger number of packages in a package, because we will pay PLN 309 for two packages and PLN 409 for three packages. Check the current price by clicking HERE.

Can I buy Xtrasize on allegro?

I advise against buying this supplement through allegro, because we can find a fake tablet without even knowing it.

Where is it best to buy Xtrasize?

It is best to purchase the tablets via the manufacturer's website (here) - we have a guarantee of originality of the specific.

Does Xtrasize really work?

There are many opinions on the internet about this preparation, some are more positive, others less. One thing is certain - it is currently the most effective specificity aimed at enlarging a member.

What else to know about Xtrasize?

It is worth noting that penis increment depends on the length of the treatment. The longer we take the tablets, the better the results we can count on.

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